Handkerchief Dressers - Little Dressers
These two are sold, but pick one out and we can apply a lime wax finish to your choice.
Medium Sized Dressers - 3 and 4 Drawer
antique Danish mirror
Pick a dresser and I would be happy to find a mirror to go above it.
vermont empire dresser
Vermont Empire Dresser $850

Vermont Empire Dresser
Tall Dressers
antique Danish silver cupboard
#DRT920 63" tall
Tall Swedish dresser
#DRT916 54" tall
Tall Danish dresser
#DRT918 63" tall
Tall dresser
#DRT917 58" tall
shown unrestored, restoration included in price
Tall and Wide Dressers Campaign Chests
Low Dressers... for the end of a bed or under a window.

#SIP110 (also on sideboard page)