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Dear Janet and Borge,
We sat and stared at the vanity all evening, absolutely love it. Thank you so much!! We will be up soon to take a look around but we will be sure to call first. Hope this letter finds you home safe and sound.
Again a sincere thanks,



Dear Janet,
They arrived this afternoon and I'm very pleased with every single one - all unique, all having their individual charm.  Five were for specific sites and they work wonderfully.
I'll be looking forward to new listings!!!
Thank you again for gathering these together to ship so promptly.
With appreciation,


antique Swedish Mora clock antique Swedish Mora clock antique Swedish Mora clock antique Swedish Mora clock

click on any photo to enlarge

Hi Janet!
Just wanted to send pics of my moms clock. It's perfect! Thank you!!

We are thinking of visiting your shop next Saturday the 11th. Is there a hotel nearby? We will be driving from Boston Friday night.



and note from Janet ...love the wallpaper!


Hello, Janet:

Just want to let you know both chests, along with the mirror, arrived safe and sound and intact. They look wonderful in their new home. Thank you for your care in packing and shipping my furniture. 

I hope to be able to order more of your merchandise once our home is a little more settled and I have a better idea what else we need. I am very happy I was able to find things in the style I love and not have to settle for French country!

It was a pleasure to work with you.



Hi Janet,

Here is the photo I promised.  I was waiting until I got my new rug to take the picture and as it turns out, the rug is barely visible!  Oh well.  The framed poster above the desk was already in place and is a little big for the desk but I’m leaving it for the time being.

The table is absolutely PERFECT for my purposes.  It is just the right height for me to work on the computer without straining my wrists.  I love it!  Thank you so much.

Hope all is well up your way.  I continue to check the website…




Love my little pine table! Delivered yesterday.


Hello Janet,
Many many thanks to you and Borge for the care in restoring my beautiful table and armoire and for your wonderful service. So glad I found you and these pieces!



antique Swedish Mora clock

antique Swedish Mora clock

click on a photo to enlarge

We LOVE the clock!!!! Thank you and Borge for all your hard work.
Happy Thanksgiving

Great job on the paint!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Long Island


Hi Janet,

I hope you are having a lovely time Down South!  :-)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the lovely furniture today; Plycon did a fabulous job with the shipping and Borg did a fabulous job with the woodwork and refinishing!  I have already loaded up the cabinet with all my pantry supplies - so convenient and beautiful at the same time!

I wanted to thank you again for being SOOOO understanding with this extremely lengthy layaway and all my various and sundry problems, i.e. unemployment, illness, etc., etc., etc.  You both are simply the best!

Take care and Merry Christmas in advance!!



swedish mora clock

danish armoire

We are so happy!

Janet and Borge,
Our new antiques are just perfect for our home here. The custom paint is outstanding. Everyone notices these pieces, but especially the Mora clock. We couldn't be happier with the antiques and working with you guys was a pleasure. Many thanks.
Linda and Len Hey


Janet, thanks so much. Gary & I very much enjoyed the visit to the country gallery.  Gary was especially pleased with his yellow ladle. :-). The bench and bedside table look awesome and I suspect that we will venture down there again in the near future for additional treasures.


in Vermont
antique Swedish clock

Hi Janet,

We arrived at our new home in Florida about 10 days ago and the armoire and clock arrived a few days later.  We have been extremely busy getting this place up and running.  I wanted to take a few minutes now to thank you for the beautiful work you did on the pieces.  They are perfect and we love them!  The colors are just right.  We got the clock running quite easily except for the chimes which we have only heard at the beginning.  When things quiet down a bit more, my husband may call you for further instructions with the chimes....Ciao....Linda in FL

The table looks perfect!! I think the color worked out really well. I'm excited to see it. Thank you, Janet.
Update me when you have a minute about when I should expect delivery. We're in a doorman building, so it shouldn't be a problem whenever the shipment arrives. Still it would be nice to let the staff know...
Many thanks for everything.


Hi Janet,

I've got the sideboard and I LOVE IT!  It arrived in great condition. All is well.




Absolutely gorgeous Janet!  This is exactly what wanted; just perfect!

Many Thanks,


Gustavian Chair set

Yesterday, we delivered a lot of furniture to homes in a ring around Boston. Here is a set of truly handsome Gustavian style chairs and a nightstand in the corner.

Hi Janet, 
It was a pleasure, and the chairs and table look perfect. .... I might call you soon to get an education on clocks. 

Thanks again, 

North of Boston

antique Swedish Mora clock

Janet and Bo,

Thanks again – Jane and I love the pieces.  Hopefully, we will find a need for a few more of your pieces in our house.  Question I forgot to ask – will you be importing more pieces in the future?


South of Boston

Table looks great- just what I wanted!  I loved the pictures- can't wait for it to arrive!
Thanks very much,  Linda

"I had the pleasure of visiting The Country Gallery Antiques a few years ago when picked up a table and chairs. I was so impressed with barns full of beautiful antiques, that I ended up buying more than I planned: a chandelier and other unique items. Now, I am very excited to be having items shipped to me! I am super-picky and Janet and Borge were patient with my questions and helped me through the process of turning a kitchen/ farm table into a custom console table, along with more beautiful accessories."




antique Swedish Mora clock

Borge just left after setting up our second and most sweet and beautiful clock! We just love it! Now, almost everywhere you look in our home, there is one or several of your pieces! I love everything about this wonderful clock! When I first saw it in your lovely shop, Borge said he would touch up the face, etc, but I loved it exactly the way it was! The patina is gorgeous and it is just so graceful and prominent in our home. It has so much character and charm and the chime is wonderful! I know that I tend to gush about your shop, your service, your helpfulness, and your inventory of the most wonderful and unique furniture. But that is how I feel…in fact, I told Borge I will stop by tomorrow as there is another smaller piece I am looking for! And when I recently sat down with a cup of tea to peruse my newest design book on Swedish Interiors, I was so pleased and impressed to see your business listed in the resources section! I certainly know why! Much of the beautiful furniture in the book looks like it could come from your shop! You are certainly experts and have such an eye for the most beautiful pieces! And both you and Borge are delightful! Thank you for everything! And I look forward to our next piece! It is our pleasure to do business with you! 


Dear Janet,
Sending you this much belated note.... I watched with great anticipation as our clock traveled across the states and laughed as I realized it would arrive the exact day I left to fly to my home state of Georgia.( November 2nd ) It arrived just as you said, perfectly packed with excellent instructions on putting the  clock together.  My husband kept me informed and sent pictures via his phone so I could enjoy the process. ...you would know how pleased and delighted we are, and the pleasure we get from looking, listening, and rewinding the clock. It continues to bring a smile to my face during some very trying times.  I will send an additional email with a picture attached with comments that can be shared.  I again apologize for the extreme delay in letting you know we received the clock and that it was exactly as pictured and arrived expertly packed with clear instructions on assembly. 
Trella VanLierop
Grandfather clock recipient, November 2nd, 2013


Hi Janet,

The bell pulls arrived today.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  I love them!! 

Thanks for your help,

Marcia Nielsen

vintage Swedish rag rug Already much loved!

soldier blue

Hi Janet,

At long last I have pictures of the chair and two night stands I bought from you. They are below: Our apartment is so small, it was hard to get a shot. They all work perfectly for us. We love them. 

Sorry it took so long.

But all best to you,

Tom P


Hi Janet,

The table FINALLY arrived today!  Nothing catastrophic happened during shipping, although, it was hard to determine if anything small could have happened since the table has some depressions in it  - but I'm assuming (and hoping!) they were there before.  I have to tell you I wasn't impressed with Plycon this go around.  I've used them a few times before and have had nothing but a seamless shipping experience.  Had you not already selected them, I would have requested that you use them -- that is how much confidence I had in them.  This time, tho, they made delivery commitments they didn't keep -- both in how long it would take to get here (I can't even count how many different delivery dates I got) and even the window of time they said they would come today (they came well after the window).  Hopefully it's just the west coast end of their operation. :-)

All that said, the table is PERFECT in the space and, in fact, seems to be a better color match than how the sampled looked.  As promised, I've attached a pic.

Thank you and Borg so much for your work on this.  




Dear Janet,
The armoire and bureau arrived about two weeks ago and I finally got around to taking some pictures this morning. I absolutely love them. They are beautiful in themselves and they fit perfectly in size and style into the space, which is a small guest house in our back yard. Here are some pictures (I'll divide them into a few emails). Thank you for everything, and congratulations on your lovely work.
All the best,


Wow, that crate was SOLID.  Thanks for your care with it.
I love that little barn :)

Happy holidays back,


Janet--safe and sound.  Thanks for letting me buy it over time.  I will be a repeat customer.



Sally called today to let us know that this dresser looks gorgeous in its new home.


Hi Janet,
It's been almost a year, but we're still loving the armoire!  We 'just' finished the re-decoration of our living room.  Attached is a photo!

Hope all is well,
Michelle and Richard L

Boston, MA

The chairs are adorable!

OMG-- the chairs are sooooo cute! (See attachments.) They are beyond perfect.
Thanks for your help, your quick turnaround, and your eye in locating such wonderful chairs!

Happy almost vacation,

Hi Janet,
I wanted to let you know that I will have Elliot send you a photo of the clock in its new home. It's been a week now, and the clock is running fine. We enjoy hearing it chime. 
Thanks again, Sheree



The bed is gorgeous!  Here are a couple of photos to show you how well it fits in our home.  We absolutely love it - thank you (and Borge) for everything.  I'm sure we'll see you again at some point.



The Gustavian Settee, desk and chair were used August 2012 in The Whore and Mrs Moore, a new play debuting at the Dorset Playhouse and starring Judd Hirsch. It was a great honor for us.

Hi Janet. I am in love with our antique chest! It couldn't be more perfect for me. These are not the best pics because they are from my camera phone. Let me know if you want some higher quality in the next few weeks when i get around to uploading photos from our better camera.
You are all very talented and helpful.
Kristen L

  Hi Janet.  I got back in town and picked up my item.  It is incredible - the horse, and entire board -  is really great!  I have not hung it yet but put it on a shelf and had to keep on going by it to look at it all night.  Thank you so much!!



Hi Janet,

The little rug arrived safely yesterday.  I totally agree with you, so pretty and well made.  It is perfect for laying on the charcoal tiles by the glass doors going out onto the deck, with my flower pots and nothing but the woods behind.  I put two old copper pots and one brass pot with lid (used for milk??) from my mother's family in Dalarna, Sweden, next to it.  Perfect setting!

Thank you very much,


for china and glasses



(this picture of a headboard waxed clear speaks for itself)



Hello Janet,
We love the bookcase! 
Sorry for the poor photo, but pictures can't do it justice anyway. What beautiful wood, and the base looks great with it. 
Wish I could see it's past lives ...
Until next time,

- Joyce

Hi Janet,

The little rug is just spectacular!  It arrived Saturday (how fast is that?) and I totally love it.  Even the husband and puppy approve.  The weaving is so amazing, didn't really show on the web site.  As I mentioned earlier, it is on the floor of our half bath downstairs, used by anyone visiting.  Should someone have a mishap, can it be washed in the washing machine?  I do not have access to a lake and pier like at my parents' place in Sweden did, unfortunately.  My machine is a fairly new front loader.




(I have mailed washing instructions)

Hi Janet - our vanity stools have arrived.  They are exactly right!  The colour, shape and size is perfect.  Well done.
Cheers - Elizabeth
BC Canada

Hi Janet,
This is Donna this time! I LOVE MY CABINET! It is so precious, and the color is not ever able to be duplicated. Did Martin tell you that first he gave me a present all wrapped and pretty and it was a new tea kettle!  Not that I don't like tea kettles, but 37 years and a new tea kettle? Then he took me out to his workshop, where I thought he may hand me a board and tell me what he was going to make me...he is a master carver, and furniture maker. But no, there it was, I gasped and got all teary. Yes, that cabinet will be loved and the key is fabulous.
I really do want a trip to Vermont! Rupert in particular! 
Very best,


Hello Janet,
Sorry that it has taken me so long to get a photo to you. Work has been eating up all of my time and finally I have remembered. Please forgive me. Anyway, I hope this can add to your customer photos section nicely. We love the desk and use it every day. It has an extremely graceful and elegant presence in our home. 

Thanks again for everything,
Stuart G



i loved most of what he had for sale since it's scandinavian in design – and who doesn't love that!? borge was also just so pleasant to talk with and he gave me a discount on my rug in exchange for sending him some photos of his booth. so, here's a peek...

Photos of borge and his booth at Renninger's

Dear Janet,
I was in Kutztown on Saturday, and spoke with your husband. He asked me to email and tell you that I'd bought a couple of rugs from him at least twenty years ago, and always thought of his beautiful wares when I thought of Renninger's. He was the first vendor I encountered when we arrived, and it seemed an auspicious meeting. We had a lovely conversation and he asked me to email and tell you about it.

And now you have a website, of course, so I won't have to wait another twenty years to follow you. So, greetings and best wishes from Washington, DC.

Barbara L

Dear Borge Hermansen,

I wish to thank you for allowing my wife and I to see your many current Scandinavian treasures in your shop.  It was a pleasure.
We did measure our space in our kitchen and found it a little too small to accommodate the glass door cabinet that we were considering.
It is good to know that there is still a place such as yours to get inspired and allow us to think of alternate ways to furnish our house.  As
I mentioned, we are greatly enjoying the Swedish sideboard which we purchased from you in the early 90's.  Attached is a photo of this piece.

Thank you again for your warm hospitality.

Donald E


Hi Janet,
Here is the picture I promised. Doesn't it look great?!
I am so pleased with it, thank you again.
Kind regards,
Ina L


Hi Janet,
Sorry I have written sooner. My work has been more busy than normal this week, but the desk is here and in perfect condition. It looks great and we are extremely happy. It has a very fine finish to the wood and must have been really well cared for over the last 100 years.

Would you like for me to send a photo for your testimonials? I would be happy to do so. Let me know.

Thanks for all of the care you both place in these pieces. It will be surrounded here by many of its own kind!

Take care,



Hi Janet,
My platerack has arrived and we opened it last night, boy was it well encased!
I love it, it is just the way I pictured it and it will be lovely on the wall.
Unfortunately it did get slightly injured in transit so that Ric has to secure one side Of the thin rails again as it broke free but he ensures me he can handle that.
I will send you a picture once I have it hanging, thanks again, Ina L

BC Canada


Got it today.  It is beautiful - thank you so much!  Sandra


Janet,  I wanted to let you and urge know that my clock is level and it is running well.  Since this is in my bedroom, I may not wind the chime but I will have to see.  Thank you both so much for all your help.  One more quick question, do these old clocks generally keep good time or tend to lose it.  All clocks are different and I was just curious.  Many thanks and I love the clock.  Joyce


January 2012

(answer: old clocks are quirky, but they generally keep pretty good time)

This one is a little blurry, but I love the sun coming into the room – I’ll get you a better one in the next week. 



January 2012

Janet & Borge,
The clock arrived last Saturday and it is wonderful and perfect!  The color is ideal and just fits the clock, I am so glad I took your advice Janet!  The clock does run about 5 minutes slow, however.  Is there a trick to help it keep time?  Thanks for helping us through this process to have a little piece of Swedish history.


January 2012

Yes - we have explained how to move the disc on the pendulum to adjust the clock speed.


Hello Janet:

I received my rug today and think it's beautiful

Thanks for the quick service.



Dec 2011

Dear Janet,
    It arrived today - in perfect condition. I just love it!!!! Thanks so much for all your help.
Happy New Year,


December 2011

Hi Janet,

The guys just left and I promptly accessorized and took photos. The pieces are absolutely wonderful! Tell Borge, great paint job on the sideboard. Thank you for everything! I look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Hello Janet - my beautiful clock arrived in good condition ....  many thanks, Lisa


So the bell arrived on saturday. It is perfect. Thanks again. Vicki

My box arrived safely yesterday evening.  I've unpacked it and it's grand.  Thank you so much for the great service.  I'll be sure to keep you in mind for future purchases.


Mangleboard #MBD201 SOLD Thank you


Hi Janet,

My mangle board just arrived and it is so WONDERFUL!! It is even better than the
photos showed and I want to thank you for getting it to me so quickly. My friend,
Sheila, has been looking at your site too and she has her eye on one of the boards
for herself. I hope to purchase another one once I get some more money saved as they
are truly works of art. Thanks again!

Patti TH


Got the skep on Thursday, looks great! Thanks for the quick shipping. I'll keep an eye on your website to see what else you have.




Hi Janet:

We received the armoire yesterday - it's a wonderful piece, exactly what we were hoping to find.  The shipping company you use was also excellent, very professional.  My Danish mother is coming for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure that it will be much admired.  Many thanks to you and Bo for all your help in speeding the work and the delivery!

Helen & Brian




The rug arrived Wed. and I love it. Perfect colors and length for my kitchen. Thank you so much.



Good morning Janet,
We just returned home last night and the rugs had arrived whole we were away.
LOVE them!
They are going to be perfect in our new home!
Thank you so much,

Hi Janet,

We just put the dry sink in its new place and it is truly stunning.  I can't stop staring at it!  And I didn't even think of the storage potential.



I don't have a photo of the eelspear, but here is the great book...


hi Janet

I was just sending a link to your site to my art dealer, who I turned on to eel spear collecting...

but I noticed that you put my book up on the site, and I wanted to thank you !!

I hope to see you soon !  I love the spear I purchased...



Good morning Janet and Borge -
Soren and  I thought you might like to see just where we placed the beautiful furniture from you.....
Cheers - Elizabeth


This beautiful vanity now lives in California with Bathsheba. Thank you for the photo!


We are saving this space for your letter, phone call or email!

802 394-7753

The Country Gallery
PO Box 70
Rupert, VT 05768

Email us!


In a customer home in NH.

Hi Janet.    The delivery went just fine.  All was in great shape.  We love the pieces!  Thanks very much.  It will be wonderful to finally have the cottage done, and have them there.


Hi Janet and Borge,


The armoire and server arrived Thursday on my birthday.  What a present!  They arrived in good order and are in their permanent positions in Poppy's.  When we get the store set up we will send you a picture.

Thank you for excellent service and communication,

Annette Dowd


P.S.  The pieces are the perfect color.

Hi Janet!

The plate rack was delivered Sunday. It look fabulous! I'll send you some photos once I get it fully accessorized. The color is perfect together with my English wood breadboard collection.

Thanks for all your help and input. I could not be more pleased.



Dear Janet and Borge~

I wanted to jot you a quick email to tell you how absolutely thrilled we are with our gorgeous clock – she was worth the wait.  She is happy as a lark sitting in our home, waiting for us to move the rest of our things in and join her.  Ray arrived home from work and just stood there grinning at her – and then she sang to him with her chimes.  What a treat!

We did wind her yesterday so she is taking a little time getting acclimated to her new surroundings.  How happy we are to see her in our living room and each time we go upstairs - we shall treasure her always.  Once we finish painting and move things in I will send you a photo of her.

Borge was terrific with his methodical demonstration to me in putting her together, what things were, how to wind and care for her to keep her happy.  We feel very fortunate having her live with us now, you both have made us very happy in dealing with us and our many delays.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Pat and Ray

Hi, Janet.  Thanks to you and Borge for everything.  The furniture is so beautiful.  My son and I just couldn’t stop admiring the pieces last night.   Tell Borge we got a big thunderstorm with pouring rain about an hour after he left.  What good timing!  Hope to see you soon…




Hi Janet,

The rug is fabulous!  Wow!  I love the ones I bought from you last summer, but the larger one was not long enough and a little too pale for that spot.  This one is perfect, following the kitchen cabinets and my feet are comfy being barefoot (the tile floor I love but hard on your feet). It goes perfect with the smaller one, around the cabinet corner.  So thanks!  The one that is being replaced will go great by my ironing board in my work room where the walls are painted pink.

Enjoy the spring time,



Hi Janet,
The hutch looks GREAT! We love it!
It was very nice working with you both!
Next is a clock! :)
p.s. I sent paint samples back with Borge




Janet and Borge, Many thanks for the work and the delivery of the three pieces which arrived on Friday. I am very happy with each of them in their own way. The sideboard is really gorgeous and you both did a wonderful job cleaning and restoring it. I really cannot bring myself to cut a sink into such lovely wood and I am very content to find another use for it. The clock is outstanding! It has personality and grace. I appreciate the quick and generous work you did for me on that piece. I am really happy I chose to get the clock--short notice but you both contributed to making it appear! Of course I also love the bench which started this whole thing. I will certainly recommend your work to those who express interest in my Scandinavian furnishings!  Anyway I thank you again. Kate



Got the corner cupboard yesterday and it looks terrific. Thanks. I will send pictures once we have it in place on the Vineyard.




OMG! The pieces are BEAUTIFUL! They arrived today. I cannot say enough. I am so so Happy. Thank you both very much. The delivery guys were great. will be in touch when you get back. I need some small danish crocks if you have some. Do you have Danish Linens? table clothes and such?
Thank you both again. I could not be more pleased.

Michael B



Hey Janet,
The clock is even more beautiful now than when we first saw it.  Please thank Borge for doing the extra work and waxing.  We adore it.
Thanks to the wonderful instructions, it took about thirty minutes to set it up.  We snailed along admiring every piece.  It stopped twice yesterday after running about 45 minutes.  Today I gave it another "go" and it's been keeping perfect time for three hours.  I'm quite comfortable tinkering for a few days.  The "tick tock" is soothing and the bell chime is not nearly as loud and clunking as I remembered.  Bonus!

The shippers did a great job.  The clock made it to Greensboro in three days.  They had a flurry of activity and couldn't deliver as planned.  They assured me that the clock was safe and sound in a climate controlled warehouse.  OK then, I've waited for years to find the perfect clock - I'll wait until it works for you.  "Don't rush it out here to the boondocks and hurt the thing"!  They called and scheduled for Wednesday between 9 and 11 and were here at 9:15. 
George and I just stop and sit and look.  This clock is very special to us.  So again, thank you.  Cindy


Dear Janet and Børge!!

I wanted to say thank you for the lovely work you have done on the furniture.  It is absolutely stunning and we love it!!  I wanted to share a link to a blog posting on the furniture… It is a "Sneak Peek" of our "new" room!  We couldn't be more pleased!!!


Thanks again!


PS – Now if we could just find a shallow depth buffet!!!  Oh it's always something!!!


Dearest Janet and Bo;  All of the beautiful and precious Antiques arrived on Friday and are in wonderful shape and are terrific. There was no Damage and I am very happy with your efforts... Thanks so much for all of your efforts. They are very much appreciated. Thanks again for all of your help. Richard A. Palm




Dear Borge and Janet,
 Well I woke up to glorious sun(in stark contrast to yesterday's crazy weather) and then came downstairs to the gentle ticking of my beautiful new clock! I set it up last night (quite easily as you promised) and all is well...though it did stop at one point b/c the main weight got caught on the support on the inside of the door panel. I took off the top and repositioned the face a teeny bit back (which set the weights a bit further back) and will let you know if I have the same issue. Otherwise it is running beautifully and I am so happy.
 It was good to see you and all the unique and beautiful pieces you have. Wish we could have stayed a tad longer but maybe next time.
Janet, the color is perfect.



Hi Janet-

The rugs arrived and the colors are more beautiful than I imagined.  My daughter says the multi-colored one should be reserved for company and I agree -  it should probably be a wall hanging.  It adds a lot of cheer in our kitchen!  And I like the softer, more subtle colors of the other rug, too.  I put it in our family room. I am very pleased with the condition of both rugs- they look as if they were never used.  You might like to know I think your prices are very fair considering the age, condition, and artistry of both rugs. 
Thanks for your help with this fun purchase.

Kind regards-



Hello Janet and Børge,

The cabinet and plank table arrived yesterday-They are perfect!
All went well with the truck, unloading and assembly-easy, too! 
 I love the wax finish and the feel of the old old wood, and they look absolutely wonderful in the space I planned for them.
Thank you for your careful attention in each phase of bringing these treasures into our home.
I hope we have a chance to visit you some day!

All the best,




Dear janet,

...  We are delighted with the armoire.  It went together in about ten minutes, including the time it took to unload.  We can't believe how easily it went together.  When our dining room is back together we will photograph if for you.  We couldn't be happier with our new purchase.  Peter has sent dimensions of the front foyer console table/small chest in case you see something that might work.  In the meantime enjoy your beautiful surroundings in Vermont.  We wish we had more time to spend exploring, but we will be back.

Many thanks,




Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!!

We are in love with the piece. You and your husband are amazing. You will be seeing us again!!!!

Silly me forgot the paint chips but I promise to pop them in the mail on Tuesday.

Many thanks!
Allison L


This is a demilune table that we extended. I will let the photo speak for itself!


Dear Janet and Bo,
All look wonderful.  They're sitting outside my office and everybody who walks by admires them.
The construction is behind, so we won't install till next week; when we do we'll send some installation shots.
We much appreciate all your care--with the alterations, the finishes, the labeling of parts (I started to peel the little labels off, then realized what they were and put them back.)
All best,
Jed and Lois



The beds are beautiful!  We all love them.  Thank you.

Cynthia P




Hi Janet -

The furniture arrived yesterday and everything looks great.

Thanks so much -




Hi Janet -- The beds were delivered today and they are stunning.  I haven't had a chance to put them together.  Ill send pictures when the room is all together -- thank you so much for everything!




Hi Janet,

First of all, thank you very, very much for all the time and work you put into most likely one of your smallest customers.  It shows that you love what you do and want everyone to be satisfied.  Because of this you must be very successful.

When we returned home yesterday, there was another box from you, with the correct rug.  Beautiful.  Sometimes in life we have a certain plan, something happens and we have to change course, and the end result turns out much better than the original plan.  The two rugs are not only beautiful but perfect for my area.  Our kitchen cabinets are cherry wood, so the brown in the rugs pick that color up.  The smaller one is the closest to the Tabriz in the living area, and the colors pick each other up, and the more straight, modern design goes so well with the Tabriz.  The larger one reminds me of the more traditional rag rugs I grew up with in Sweden.

I went to our office supply place this morning and the returning rug will leave this coming Monday, via FedEx.  You should receive it by Wednesday.

Again, it has been so much fun working with you, and I wish you a cooler rest of the summer.




Borge and Janet,

Please excuse my tardiness in writing to you about our clock. My husband followed Borge’s instructions over the phone and the clock works beautifully!!!!

Thank you so much. We get so many compliments on it.






Hi Janet,

I received the boxes today. Thank you so much.
I have been ogling them for the longest time and am so pleased to have finally decided to have them in our home.
They are beyond my expectations.

I got the rug today, and it is as nice as in the pictures.  Thank you
for the quick delivery.


Just letting you both know that I received the armoire. It is BEAUTIFUL, you did an amazing job!!


Have a great summer.




Susan M


Here is a clock that we got ready to be painted - shown in its new home. Painted by a local artist in Minnesota and now living in a lakeside cottage. Pretty nice!


Hi Janet,
The two nightstands arrived yesterday and we love them!!!  Thanks so much for doing this for us.  We will enjoy these two pieces for many, many years.  

Dick and Penny V




Hi Janet,


Just wanted to let you know that the sideboard arrived today and I LOVE it!!


Thank you so much for the beautiful piece. As soon as my contractor comes and gets all of the TV equipment installed inside I will send a picture!





Hi Janet and Borge,
The two pieces have arrived and they're gorgeous! We love them - thank you. Absolutely perfect for our new kitchen. They are enjoying their new view of Yellowstone right now. Thanks so much for all your help - and your great packing job - everything arrived safe and sound. We appreciate it!
Hope to see you someday when you're passing through MT... Shirl

Hi Janet,
We received the pieces, and they are fantastic!  We love all of them,
and yes, the chimney cabinet is fine and doesn't need any further work
done to it.  Thank you for everything,  I will definitely be passing
your info along to my friends and clients!


Hi Janet,
It arrived safely and is beautiful. I really love it. Thanks for all your help and I will certainly be interested in more things in years to come.


(note from Janet...with smaller items, we make a wooden crate and send via Fedex)


Sally called today to tell me that this beautiful oval table is just the right size and color. Thanks Sally!
hi janet,

i am so happy with this purchase.  honestly, i cannot believe i actually own something so pretty.  i just wanted to thank-you and your husband for making my first real furniture buying experience so nice.

all the best,

lisa in ct
Hi Janet and Borge,
Borge - thank you for your call of concern on Monday.  I have just passed the 24 hour mark with my clock running very well.  It took three days of experimenting with where, and by how much, to level the clock works.  I think/hope I have it happily leveled now.  I'm going to put the bonnet back on and hope for its continued running.  I really like the way the gentle sound of the tic-tock fills the house and with the bonnet in place the bell tone is soft and pleasant.  I am anxious to have a wonderful experience with my clock.
A million thanks for your patience.  If there are any further issues, I will call.



  just received my package janet. even better than i expected. thank you so much!


Hi Janet - Here's the cabinet. It looks better in real life; we love the color of the wood.
Thanks again,


Dear Janet,    I have just uncrated the painting by Eggert and it is hung in our family room .  We welcomed it into our home with a "skal "of Icelandic Brennivin.  The plywood case  was perfect and we are thrilled to have this painting.  Thank you for your assistance and follow-through.  We hope to viist you  and your shop some day.   Regards,  KGB



Rug arrived safe and sound....I love it!  Brightest one we have, the weaver so inventive with color, and fits in just where I hoped it would.


Janet and Bo:


The clock is beautiful and running very well. Your directions are great. I thought I would share my “leveling experience.”  First, I leveled the clock body, using felt gliders that adhere to the bottom of furniture. Second, I leveled the wood frame on which the works sits,  using (of all things) popsicle sticks (they don’t compress over time). It is keeping perfect time. I have not wound it yet. Attached are photos in Her (Janet’s pronoun) new habitat. You can use these if you want to show color samples and how it looks with natural light and illuminated night light.  Thanks.



Hi Janet,
The cabinet arrived and everything was fine.
It looks very nice - I'll send a picture once I get it settled.



My clients were in town this weekend and they love all of the pcs! In fact we found more that we would like to purchase. We got the clock set-up and oddly enough we did it in the afternoon and only had to wait about ten minutes to start it at the time that was on the hands!

Designs West


  My rug just arrived and it's even prettier than I expected.  I actually didn't purchase it to walk on (heaven forbid!) but to use as a cover for my new side-by-side washer and dryer.  The size is just about exact, the thickness is perfect, and the rug's colors complement the colors in the laundry room.  It really classes up our laundry room, and I don't have to worry about causing any more wear to this cool antique.

Thanks, Janet, for your great service - and for a product I couldn't be happier with!


HI Janet....The armoire was delivered last week. It is lovely.... Thank you! Takk! jan

Hi Janet,

The armoire arrived yesterday and it is completely perfect! The finish is exactly what we were thinking of. Thanks so much for being so pleasant to work with and for such a great finished product - we absolutely love it!

Thanks again,

Dear Janet and Borge --

It's all level and running, thanks to the help of my nephew. I think it lost a minute or two in the last 24 hours, but I'm going to let it go for a few days before trying to make any adjustments. Anyway, it does look lovely, doesn't it? Thank you again for bringing such a lovely piece into my life!



Dear Janet,
The bookcase, now filled with books, is wonderful, just right.
Thank you so much.
With best wishes,
Bonnie K


Hi Janet,
I got the desk yesterday. It is perfect!! I love all the details the paint,
the pulls, the keys. It will get much use and love.
FYI Plycon did a top rate job. I gave the delivery guys a big tip because
they handled everything very carefully and put the desk together for me.

San Francisco

The rugs arrived safely yesterday. Thank you Janet!
When you have time for more small rug (around 4' length) photography please let me know.
The colors in the big southwest runner are absolutely perfect with my persian rugs. I treasure them all, reminding me of my sweet grama Elizabet

Gail in CA

Hi Janet. The dresser arrived and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much!!!
It looks so pretty in my bedroom. Just perfect.

I hope you are doing well.


want to thank you for rewashing rug--it looks great and that was appreciated. Natasha

Janet-- Wow! Monty just finished putting the dresser together and it is really, really beautiful! The changing table top is perfect. I had no idea it would be so substantial and match the dresser so nicely. Please tell Borge that I (we) absolutely love it! The changing pad and wipes fit perfectly. It's making us both so excited to change diapers!!
Thank you both so much for all your help and all the wonderful furniture that we'll love as a family for a long time.
Hope to see you around this summer!

Sarah and Monty

I got the rug this morning -- very quick delivery! It is a beautiful,
thick rug. Thanks

and this clock went to its beautiful home in NH

Keith and I want to thank you for the beautiful cupboard. It brings
tranquillity to our front hall and makes me smile as I come down the
stairs. The tobacco table does look perfect next to it, with the
black rotary phone and old stained glass lamp on top. Your advice was
just great.

I was wondering - the writing inside the right door of the cupboard
says "Anno, 1823." Do you know what that date means? The other date
of 1903 with initials above it might be the date it was painted? Just

Thanks again for everything-


Hi Janet. Just a quick note to let you know the clock arrived. It is a lovely shape indeed!

Charlotte in VA

Hi Janet and Borge! We received our furniture on Thursday and absolutely love all of the pieces. There was only one problem-- wish we had ordered more!!! Chloe loves the clock as much as we do (have to figure out how to get her to sleep through the chimes)! Thanks for your patience. Looking forward to doing business with you again! Kelly in VA

Hi - We got the bench the other day and we love it. Thank goodness it comes apart easily because otherwise it would have been really difficult to get it upstairs. Thank you so much. Jessica in CO

Thank you Janet and Borge! The armoire looks wonderful! Can't wait to own such a beautiful piece of history. Take care and stay warm up there ... Judy in NJ

BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much...

Betsy in CT

Just a quck note to let you know the apothecary arrived and its terrific. Thank you again for the knobs you added to the bottom and for the beauthful job finishing the piece. I am watching your web page and looking for the next item. :)

Mark and Cathy in CA

Cindy in CO

Hi Janet, when I arrived home from Rochester on Sunday, the painting was there. Thank you. I love it and it does look like my 5th Great Grandfather's house in Denmark, near Felsted Parish in Aabenraa. Carole

Hi Janet,

The bench arrived and it will be perfect for the porch. I love the design, too. The rugs are great colors...I am headed down to the cabin to "arrange" things now. Many thanks.

JJ in ME

Thank you for all you did. WE LOVE the armoire! It’s already proven both functional and an element of beauty in our bedroom.



Hi Janet
I finally got the bed today, I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for your help and creating such a beautiful piece for my daughter to enjoy forever!
Karen K

Janet, the rug just arrived a little bit ago, and it’s beautiful! My daughter loves it, and the colors and textures are just the thing on her bedroom floor. She is only 15, but she already has an appreciation for vintage textiles. Thank you for such prompt, outstanding service. I’ll be watching your website for more items for our house. Peace,

M Lewis


Janet and Borge, the three of us love the secretary/dresser.
Thank you and have a wonderful summer.


Plycon just delivered and assembled the lovely armoire which looks great with the ceiling and walls. The coordinating tassel is a perfect touch. The movers were very nice and competent. It has been a total pleasure to deal with you on all levels. I look forward to another purchase when our budget permits.

Many thanks,

Dear Janet,
You asked for a photo of the trunk I purchased from you when I finished
rosemaling it. Well, here it is finally.
Sincerely, Bonnie S

Hi Janet,The stools have arrived safely! Your husband did a fine job
with the tops.Now I have a new creative project in the guest room and
I wonder were it will take me.Thanks,Ann in FL
My name is Terry and you may recall selling me a Mora clock last summer. My wife and I picked it up and took it to our house in Vermont. We managed to leave the head of the clock behind, and we coordinated with you and some friends to have the last piece brought up to Stockbridge. The clock is wonderful, and we are enjoying it!

hi janet and borge,

just to let you know that we got the desk back and reassembled safely. it looks terrific, and it is a far better work space than what i had. thanks again for getting it ready so quickly!

best, lene


Dear Janet and Borge,

I have meant to send you a picture for a few months of the spice cabinets I
bought from you a long while back installed in our new kitchen but I just
kept forgetting.

I am attaching a picture of the two of them integrated into our pantry wall.
The cabinet installers actually wanted to nail them into place and/or
replace the wood and we were horrified! We told them to just build slip in
holes for each and do not touch them. Some people don't understand.
Anyway, they built small dovetail drawers around the cabinets to fill in the
gaps and I think they absolutely make the wall. Everyone asks about them
and where we got them from.

Thanks again so much and we are really glad we found you!

Sandra and Kenn O


Dear Janet,

I just returned from Vermont and wanted to let you know how absolutely wonderful the furniture is. The milk paint is perfect and gorgeous. Without realizing it, the finish almost exactly matches the stain on the wall, making the tiny room feel quite spacious! And of course you were absolutely right on the little desk.

I spent the 4.5 days frantically working, cleaning, arranging, unpacking, running errands, but got about 95% of what needed to get done, done. I'm back in Miami now and miss the spring!

Here are some photos. I cannot thank you enough for your help and can't imagine if I hadn't found your web site. I hope someday we'll be able to upgrade some of the furniture in the "big" house with your antiques. The guesthouse now looks better than the main one!

Ruth R.

Everything fit exactly as I had hoped



Hi Janet....the cupboard looks wonderful...I love the color, and the application, you got it right! Did you use flat latex paint, and that's all?
I will send you a picture when I get organized. Now I need a kitchen table! xx, Jean in MA


Hi Janet,

I just quickly wanted to let you know we love the bed! The craftsmanship is beautiful and it looks so nice in my daughter’s room. She could not wait to try it out and spent a very successful first night in a big girl bed. She loves it!

Thank you for your wonderful service,




THANK YOU SO MUCH! We can't even begin to tell you
how excited we are! Glad that the new members of the
family were such big hits with your shoppers! Looking
forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thanks again,

All the best to you and Borge.

Jill in VA

and four dressers to match!


Hi Janet.....the rug arrived today and I do love it. Keep me in mind
> always, when you get rag rugs.....the wider the better! My house is full
> of them, and I have extras for when I need to clean them. My thanks, and
> appreciation. Hope to hear from you soon either on more rugs, or a tiny
> cupboard! W


  Perhaps it will be! You two will have to stop by
Austin if you've ever a wild hair and want to check up
on one of your "babies" you've prepared for life and
sent flying out of the nest! Stop by and stay awhile
-- any time! Although the middle of summer here WOULD
NOT be my recommendation! Thanks a million, y'all. Glad to know it just might
be tiptoeing into Springtime there afterall....

Many, many thanks,

Ceil in TX

Hi Janet. The cabinet has been delivered and please tell your husband that we love it! His work is truly amazing. I appreciate all your help in getting this to us and we will definitely enjoy it.

When you get a few minutes could you email me back and let me know what you suggest we do to clean and wax some of the other pieces we have. I don’t want to do anything that we shouldn’t to them.

Thanks, Linda



Hi Janet
thank you so much - the grater arrived super fast, very pleased.
Given the postage costs that are charged on ebay I have to congratulate you on keeping thye price down.
Debbie J



Dear Janet and Borge,

What a surprise to open my beautiful Swedish flour container on Christmas!
It was so sweet of Jeff to notice how I admired it and for you to hold it
for him. I also loved the sweet blue spoon rack which was given to me on my
birthday. The color is so perfect in my kitchen. I had a real Swedish
holiday this year thanks to you!

Best regards and Happy New Year!

JM in Fl


Hi Janet,

Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for your influence and support in gaining recognition/compensation for the hassles with the shipping company. It means alot to us.

Attached are some pictures of the new bedroom with all of the new pieces in place. The pix don't really do it justice - it is so sweet and charming in person. We can't decide which piece we like best - but it all works together so well. Can't believe we put this all together using pictures only (and some good advice from you) - it couldn't have come out more perfectly had we seen and evaluated each piece in person! We bought the little dresser (in the pix) from an interior decorator in LA-area and had that sent up to us. It looks beautiful with all of our pieces from you - just need to change out the brass knobs.

Thank you for everything!

LS in CA

DownEast magazine December 2007 Look for photos in an article called A Log Cabin's Swedish Makeover and you will see our furniture!
  Hi Again:

Just wanted to let you know that I got a nice surprise in the mail today! The bee skep is beautiful. I've placed it with my little collection of four others in my living room.

Thank you



Hi Janet,

I received the lovely furniture yesterday! :-) Everything is so pretty, and I'm certain to have fun have a first try at upholstery - of the vanity bench. The wood match for the replacement top for the nightstand was so excellent, and appears to be old wood; no one would ever know it wasn't the original top. Please thank Borge for doing such an excellent job . . . as usual! Thank you also for the maple candy - such a nice reminder of my time going to school in Vermont, where I used to go to Eaton's Sugar House for lunch at least once a week!

I really liked Plycon - they gave me a two-hour window for delivery, and showed up about 20 minutes after the beginning of that two-hour window. Everything was wrapped and padded well, and the delivery people were very pleasant and accommodating. All in all, an excellent delivery! Just thought you'd want to know that Plycon was a great choice!

"Talk" to you soon.

SN in CA


Everyone is SO impressed with your furniture. The finishes ands style and
the way the construction of the pieces and how they are made is a source of
much conversation and awe. Many think that they were purchased in New York
or at Sotheby's and we say," yes, they are special, aren't they: we loved
them and had to have them."
For family members and our friend, of course, we tell them about you and e
hope you will be hearing from and having future sales based on our
recommendations and their viewing of your wonderful things!
Thanks for everything. When we photograph the house professionally we will
be sure to send you copies. What I sent you were really bad snapshots.




Hi Janet,

Plycon just left. The pieces are perfect: size, color, workability, everything. I love them! It was wonderful working with you, and I will regularly check your website for other great finds.

Thank you so much (and for the maple candy!).

Kate H


Dear Bo and Janet

Thank you so much for the beautiful frames-what a lovely gift! But, mainly, we'd like to thank you for all of the furniture which has really turned our hourse into a home. See you soon!

Sarah and Monty

VT (on the occasion of their wedding)

  Janet, We received the beds on Thursday afternoon.

They are absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't be more pleased. The color is warm
and bright.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance through the process.

Best wishes for the Fall.


  Dear Janet and Borge,
It was so much fun to see you both almost makes want to buy another piece so I can run up and visit. The dresser is fantastic. It looks great in its setting and I love the little rug/runner underneath. Thanks so much for helping me acquire this amazing piece for my collection.
Hope all is well, including areas below the knee, in your lives!


Hello Børge and Janet,

It turns out the hallway is the perfect place for the Swedish rag

Thanks for your service,
G. Kristine W


From a California customer, some photos

PS...I know I've told you before, but I want to tell you again how very much I appreciate your layaway program. You have allowed me to get the most beautiful antiques to fill my home with, things I could not have otherwise afforded, and the fact that you don't charge interest is just amazing and so wonderful and makes them that much more affordable.

  From a Virginia customer

Dear friends Janet Fram & Borge Hermansen,

Today I recieved my package! Attatched is the new happy home of my new clock! It is simply delightful and I am ever grateful to you for all your help.

Thank you so much, Archelle

p.s. Our 4 year old daughter and I love the candies too!! You are very kind.


Hi Janet, The furniture arrived without a problem. It is just right in my mother's bedroom. Thank you, Ann


hi janet!

well, i wanted to send you a pictures of stella enjoying the bed - here it is! not the greatest picture, but thought you might enjoy anyways. stella is very into making faces right now so it was hard to get a "normal" expression! ha!

we are enjoying the bed very much. many many thanks to you and borge!



Kansas City, KS

  Janet,....Sorry we missed you. I wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful hospitality and gorgeous armoire. It is assembled and it looks perfect. I love it. I also enjoyed visiting the shop and appreciate the time Borge spent with us. You have so many beautiful pieces! I'm sure I'll be back. Best regards,



Hi Janet,

The armoire and dresser arrived and are exquisite! Wow- they look beautiful in our home. I love the wood on the armoire and am so glad I chose a clear wax for that one and the dresser is perfect in cherry finish. Please tell Borge thank you for all the nice work he did to transform the armoire into the perfect desk for me- I will really enjoy! All my best to you and thanks again, laura

-We love the maple sweets too!


  Hi, Janet,

The rug came today and it's a beaut! AND it has a perfect pattern to repeat the arched carving on the base of our Swedish dinette table! I'm so excited...

Now if we can just get the house built.
  Desks just arrived and all looks awesome! Movers were friendly, careful and a pleasure. From changing table to bed to armoire to desk, you have outfitted these boys well. Many thanks a million.


  Dear Janet and Bo, Just a quick note to let you know that our new stepback cupboard has found it's new home and loves it. The cupboard fits the spot we picked out for it and it looks terrific.
Thank you for doing such a great job on restoring the cupboard.

In addition, also a note of thanks for selling us the painting from your home. It is absolutely beautiful and since it is a birthday present for me it will be fondly remembered as a very special gift.

I hope that before we leave in July to Denmark, and after I do my research, I can contact you and Bo for ideas as to what shops i might try to visit for paintings and antique furniture.

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure meeting you both.

Fondly Mike F

  Hi Janet, I just wamted to let you know that the bell pull arrived yesterday and I
love it. I have ithanging in the area off of the entry way and it looks
great! Thanks for sending it so quickly.


Cathy D

  Dear Janet,
I have finally made my way up to Portland to see the trunk at our son's
home. It indeed is beautiful, and it arrived in perfect condition.
Now the task of rosemaling! I will send you a photo when
finished....which may be this summer.
Thank you again for your help. Bonnie S
  Hi Janet, Just wanted to thank you for the pieces that we
bought! We love them and we enjoy doing business with
you guys!!
We have them set up in our bedroom now and we really
like them....the rugs are also beautiful and work


take care,
Ryan and Dana

  Hi Janet!

The cupboard arrived last week. It's exactly as you represented it, and we're very happy with it. Too bad our house has very little room left in it to fill with your pieces.

  Janet Rug arrived and it's already my favorite....just perfect!

I am still hoping for a front hall rug replacement someday; I think the
style has a name....the stripes are irregular, blend in to each other
midway through sometimes, sometimes not. All together different look than
the plain stripes.. It is reds, darker blues, dark greens...if you have
one someday I'd love a look.

many thanks,

  Janet and Borge, It was so good to see you today. We LOVE the table!! * And you can
see that your other pieces are already well loved here, as well. I
think it's safe to say: we're madly in love with your work!. Your
pieces truly make our magical house sing. Thank you both - we're so
happy! Plus, your little green shelf was such a sweet surprise,
thank you very much - I love it!

Have a lovely Christmas, ,maybe it will snow!
Your chum in Danby,
*: dinner tonight was the best!!


The table arrived yesterday and it looks great in my dining room! The design on the apron really complements the fluting on my linen press. Excellent choice and beautifully refinished! The delivery people were very careful unloading and assembling it, no problems there. And if I haven't mentioned it, I also received the Briwax and delicious candy.

Many thanks to you and Borge, and best wishes for the holidays.



  Hi Janet, Just want to let you know that the desk arrived this week, and
that it is even more lovely than the photos. I'm especially delighted
with how smoothly all the drawers move and the beautiful finish on the
top. Thanks again for your service; it's a pleasure buying from you.

Kathleen M


  Hi Janet, I got the furniture - and I love it. It is beautiful.
Thanks so much. I hope you can find something for
my bathroom.

-mary lou

Just wanted to let you know that the horse arrived safely. He is just
wonderful, and will be a great addition to our collection!
Thanks very much!
  Hi Janet,

The bed arrived safe and sound.

Plycom was a good pick. They

Uncrated and offered to set up!

We did not need that, as we are

Refinishing it but I wanted to let

You know, we love it!

Thank you,

Julie P in CA


Sorry I did not get back to you on this. The table arrived safe and sound -- and it's a beauty!!! We love it. Hopefully it will now spend the next few generations, at least, in our Maine farm! Thanks for your patience and assistance. Jon

  Hi Janet,

My order came without incident and I love them! I so wish I were back there and could go thru your rug room for more.

I especially like the little one, #2606. Might you have others like it in pattern, any size and color?
Janet...we need more on your web site. Especially some large and wide ones. Linda

  Hi janet- Just picked up my rug being held at the post office and it's perfect!
It looks exactly as you described and photographed and fits as if it
was made for the room. i bought that 10' brightly colored runner with
purple, black and even magenta and it really looks stunning on my
black stained wood floors.
Thanks so much for including washing info as well. Much appreciated.

Best to you,

  Dear Janet, You know me way too well, the second set
of chairs are perfect. They are precisely what I
wanted and the legs are perfect and beautiful. I even
love the small amount of original paint and they will
coordinate well with many things including the Gateleg
Table. Thanks for your trouble, consider them sold.
Thanks R. Palm
  Hi. Great! Send the invoice. We are delighted that we stopped by last week! Best, Robin
  Hello there: I'm back again. I purchased a rag rug from you a year
or two ago. I love it so much that I decided to get

Judith K in NJ

  Thanks so much, Janet. I enjoyed buying such a great rug from such a nice person. I'll give it a good home.
  Just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with my queen bed, tobacco stand and painted rack!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! After spending a week in New York City, I am finally able to enjoy everything & apprecite how perfect everything looks. Thnk you so much! I know that we will be buying more items from you in the future. Linda M

  Hi, Janet and Borge!

Re: Dresser #0521-1 and Night Stand #0112-2

The dresser and night table arrived at 9:00pm on Tuesday, September 5th. Even though the photos accurately reflected both pieces, they were far more charming. The dresser is really spectacular. And the most wonderful piece of furniture I have ever owned. The wood finish coloring is perfect and the red base was more subtle than I thought it would be - a great color red. The night stand is adorable and I'm glad I stayed with the marble top. They book look like they belong in my bedroom. The wood finish and coloring look great; you were right to leave the night table alone. And my bed frame has both colorings. I just LOVE them! When I put my room back together (the old dresser and night table just left this afternoon so everything is piled on my bed), I'll take some photos and send them to you. I think you will be pleased and feel as I do that they have found a wonderful home.

I can see how the "dresser" would be a showcase in a home. I toyed with the idea of putting it in my living room, but it wouldn't look right and I want to keep it where it is. It belongs in my bedroom. At first I couldn't find the key and tassle because I didn't realize the carved top was actually a drawer. That was a fun surprise. I know I'm rambling and gushing about them, but I couldn't be more thrilled and moved by their warmth and beauty and that they traveled a great distance to find their home.

There was a fresh little chip on the inside of one of the feet, but it's minor and did not affect the stability of the base. I can touch it up with Briwax. I had it noted on the shipping receipt. Other than that, both pieces were in excellent condition, as described.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I found you online.

Best wishes to you and your staff,
  Hi, Janet!

I've had so much fun with you on this project. I'm very grateful for your input. I tend to be too "matchy" sometimes, so I'm glad I asked for your opinion on the nightstand color and finish. Please thank everyone else for their votes. And thanks for the extra coat of wax.

With much gratitude,

  Janet, thank you for delivering the chairs, etc. Thank you especially for
storing them until our attic was ready so we could move stuff out of the
rental house to make room.

Sally C in VT
  Dear Janet & Borge,

My husband, Lew, & I are sorry we missed you yesterday but obviously we fell in love with your beautiful furniture. Since my grandparents were from Sweden, I have a special fondness for Scandinavian pine & was very excited to visit your shop.

I am so happy over the queen bed & tobacco stand!!! We live in an 1850 brick carriage house & the furniture will look perfect in our bedroom. Anyway....I am confirming that I am buying these two items from you. Please let me know if you need any other information from me.

Thank you!

Linda M

  Hello, Janet and Borge! Ray and I certainly did enjoy meeting you both on our recent trip to Vermont. Just thought I would let you know that the copper mold cleaned up beautifully! I did buy some Lime Away and managed to get rid of all those stubborn lime deposits. It now lives on my kitchen wall and I did bake a cake in it! Who knows, we may stop by on our next trip to the Manchester area. Take care. Yvonne and Ray P
  Thank you so much Janet.

I truly appreciate everything you have done for our household. Your rugs and the bench are perfect. A million thanks.


Mary J


The bench is safely in place! It is just perfect and I thank you again for
your help. Hope to "speak" with you again someday!
  Hello Janet, Wow! A great website, professional and friendly manner, and now incredible
Yes, please use the same credit card. If the bench is picked up Tuesday,
when can I expect delivery in Atlanta?
Many thanks to all of you. The pictures look great!


  Janet - Thank you so much for the piece - we LOVE it and it is just perfect
for the space. I will keep you information and look forward to working with
you all again as well as referring you to some friends. Many thanks.

Natalie D in NYC

  Hi Janet,
Here are some pics of the hutch and corner cupboard in our new (almost
finished) dinning room. they are beautiful. Everyone who walks in stops
and steps back to admire them. then they ask where I got them. I am not
very good at sending pictures so let me know if you can't open them.
I am now looking for a dresser and a chest. I have them picked out
already! I just need to refill my piggy bank. Hope to be down there soon.
Jeanie Forbes Renovating a house for 16 months with my husband was exhausting and
stressful. All the decisions to be made was daunting. All except two- My
new hutch and corner cupboard. Those were decisions I make after looking
for furniture in furniture stores and on the internet. When I saw the
hutch an corner cupboard at Country Gallery Antiques I bought them on the
spot! They are unique and beautiful. All I can say is, I love my dinning
room. Whenever I walk by it I stop and admire it.

Jeanie F in Londonderry, VT



Received my order yesterday in good condition. (Kockums enamelware)

Thank you very much; have a great holiday.

Glenn H

Peoria, IL

  11/17/2005 (kudos to Boston Trucking!)

Hi Janet,

I received all the furniture this evening from Boston Trucking (what a
nice driver!) and everything is just lovely . . . as I expected . . . and
as usual! :-) The handkerchief dresser is especially pretty - even
nicer than the photograph on your website! Believe me, I'll come back
for more!! Thank Borge for the lovely restoration work. The differences
between the unrestored pictures on your website and the pieces I just
received are remarkable!!

By the way, I emailed you last week, I believe, about your vanity stool
(1007-1) and was definitely interested in it, but wondered if it could be
sent via UPS. Let me know!

Thanks again!! I really appreciate your furniture, personal attention,
layaways, etc., etc., etc.




Greetings Janet,

The table and cabinet arrived a few minutes ago. The same driver delivered them! They are beautiful. Thank you so much. I will be in touch with regard to a hanging cabinet. Thank you so much Janet. I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday! I LOVE the table and cabinet.


Have a lovely Thanksgiving.
Warmest Regards,


  11/29/2005 (kudos to Boston Trucking!)

Hi, Janet! Just a quick note to let you know the server arrived safe and
sound. It's wonderful, fits in its new home like it was made for the space
and the delivery man was just great.

Thanks again!

--Becky J

the pieces arrived yesterday!!!! WOW! they are beautiful!!!! my son enjoyed his first night in his big boy bed! will send photos soon! thanks agian Tanna

Atlanta, GA


Hi Janet and Borge,

Just want to tell you how THRILLED we are with the armoire. It is just what we needed and it is more bequtiful than I expected! It was also a pleasure to buy from you - Borge and Dave were terrific, setting it up for us, and we LOVE the syrup!

You do beautiful work, Borge, and I will certainly pass your name on to others.

Oh, by hte way, I forgot to write down how to take it apart, should we ever need to in the future. When you get a chance, please tell me if this is the correct order of things, and add any details I should know. Thanks!:

Be well !!!
Felice and Gregg

Baltimore, MD


Hi Janet,

The furniture arrived yesterday and all pieces are so, so beautiful! It was a pleasure meeting Borge and his compatriot assistant. It has truly been a pleasure working with you all and I will definitely order more furniture from you in the future and have told everyone I know about how great you all are! Borge will never get "caught up" but at least we will all have beautiful furniture! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you this trip, but hopefully we can meet next go around.

Outer Banks, NC


Hi, Janet! Received the spoon holder yesterday and just wanted to say
Thanks! It's great!!!!



Dear Ms. Fram and Mr. Hermansen,

I ran across your web site while researching Swedish antiques and
wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your offerings and
your web design. Your site is easy to navigate and your antiques are
truly wonderful--authentic, quality pieces. I hope someday either to
visit your shop (I live in Ohio but love Vermont) or perhaps order on
line. I was also fascinated with the restoration information and
choices you provide on your site. First rate.

All the Best,

Lisa Pace
Stow, Ohio 44224


got it today (silver cabinet) and it's already in place! Thanks so much Janet and Borg. It's going to work very well for my needs. Thanks for the syrup!

Mike in Ramsey, NJ


Janet, Borge delivered yesterday....great work on that table! It lasted upstairs 2 hours then we moved it to kitchen...


Long Island


Dear Janet,

Boston Trucking just left. The desks are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much. For feedback the driver was great too! Oh my, I am in heaven and I am sure you will hear from me again.

Warmest thanks,



Hi Janet,

Thanks! You guys are the best . . . with the best stuff!




Janet Thanks to your excellent packing, the little table and duck arrived
yesterday (Thurs ) in perfect condition. The table turned out beautifully !
The duck seems very happy in its new home. I forgot to find out the origin of
the duck so if you can remember it I would appreciate knowing that info.
It's a real treat to visit your wonderful shop. Wish I lived closer so I could
stop in now and then. Doenda



Just wanted to let you know that the beautiful horse arrived safely in
his new home. He is just wonderful! Thanks so much for your excellent
fast shipping also.
Please let me know if you get any additional horses in.
Thanks so much,
Linda N



Your shipment of two rugs arrived early last week. We purchased pads and placed the rugs on Friday. They are lovely!

Thanks, too, for crediting us the difference between returned pair and subsequent purchase.

Your three rugs have found a happy new home with us.

All best,

Jenny D



I am so happy with my two pieces. I decided to not paint or stain the kitchen table, but I wanted to know what would be the best way to wax it? Should I use Briwax and rub it into the surface? If you can give me any tips that would be so helpful.

My best regards,

Serena C from Connecticut



The box arrived yesterday in great shape. Love the spears.

Let me know if you obtain any other eel spears for sale.




Hi Janet,

I picked up the package at the post office today, and everything is just LOVELY! :-)

Thanks again for all your assistance with answering questions and for the great packing!



Hi Janet,

I’ve been meaning to write to say thank you, but somehow haven’t got around to it. So, finally, thank you and thanks to Borge for dropping off the little dressers. They look great.

I still hope to be able to make another trip up to your shop sometime in the not-too-distant future. Until then, I’ll keep checking the web site.




Hi, sorry I didn't write yesterday. things got a bit hectic in my house. Yes, as you know, the piece was delivered, met your husband, very nice person. The piece is so beautiful. I sort of had a vision of it when I saw it how it would look and it surpassed my vision. It is just lovely. I am also interested in buying a smaller piece for the same room, I will have to get the measurement and check your website, a server, but a small one, same stain, etc.

Anyhow, thanks again. Audrey C

  Janet & Bø

The bed looks lovely-thank you.


Charlotte, VT


I enjoyed meeting you last week and appreciate the trouble you went through to deliver both pieces on time. I hope your trip home was quick and uneventful.

I just thought you should know how wonderful both pieces look in my family room. The TV and accessories fit perfectly in the armoire and look great. My children, who don't usually notice anything new and don't appreciate antiques, even love it. I can't decide which piece I like the most. The apothecary looks as though it was made for the space and offers the space that my husband was looking for his tapes. After many months of debating whether to buy an antique on line, I realize that I made the right decision.

I will continue to look at what you have to offer and hopefully I will be doing business with you in the future. Those spice boxes are pulling me in again!

PMP in Philadelphia, PA

  Hi--You delivered to us last week the beautiful table. It is just perfect. ....Sure, you can quote me, but I really didn't say much except that the table was perfect. I could do better than that, like talk about how you made it fit our size requirement, how cute/interesting the legs are, how the color was done just right.

Anne in Manchester, VT



Thanks so much...we look forward to treasuring this beautiful piece for many years! We'll talk again when we get closer to delivery (of a table).

Best, Beth and Bill in Hartford, CT

  Hi Janet,

I wanted to let you know that I received the lovely shelf today. Excellent packing - it came through the mail absolutely pristinely.

I have a question: do you have any idea as to the origin (i.e. Danish or Swedish) and general idea of age? With the other furniture I have purchased from you, I have the approximate date and country of origin, so I wanted to get it on the shelf.

Thank for everything - you guys are the greatest!

S N in California

Dear Janet,
I received the beautiful salt box this morning in fine shape, and I just love it!
Thanks for your excellent service - it's been a pleasure.
Sincere regards, P D Phoenix, AZ


Hi. It came, it's fabulous, many thanks! I'm taking it
over to the Hudson River Valley on Sunday. I'm doing a
flax to linen workshop at some 18th century tavern
where George Washington did something or other, I'm
sure I'll learn what. Anyway, the scutching knife will
be a very nice addition to the tools I'll be showing.
Thanks again, Johannes

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