Coffee tables...did not exist 100 years ago. We can take most any table (no extra charge) and cut it down for a coffee table. Look at these table pages for possibilities:

Please click on any photo to see photos, price, measurements and description.

Coffee Tables (more possibilities on the kitchen table page)
antique Swedish table
#TLF308 can be cut down

Kitchen Table #TLK403
can be cut down
antique Danish table
Danish table #TLK4017
Coffee table?

Table #TLK407
Square - could be cut down to a coffee table.

Kitchen Table #TLK401
If we cut this down it will make a super coffee table.

antique Swedish table
#TLK4016 Can be cut down.

A little history lesson...There is no such thing as an original antique Scandinavian coffee table -- folks sat in chairs around tables which were about 30" tall, so here
are our suggestions for our modern sofas

1. Small rectangular tables -we will cut it down to size, no extra charge, here is an example....

Small rectangular tables are on this page - look at the tabs.

2. Trunk or blanket chest -often are a good size and make a nice looking coffee table with lots of good storage
for odd size items like turkey platters that don't get used very often. We could add bun feet. Here is an example...

Trunks are on this page.

3. Writing desks - can also be cut down and can make a practical and handsome coffee table.

Writing desks are on this page.

Basket #BSK10
Place a piece of glass on top and you would have a wonderful coffee table!

3. Round Tables found on this page.

We transformed a round dining table to a great coffee table:

from this table