Rag rugs are being made in Sweden to this present day, but the majority of the rugs found on this website are pre-1950. You can see many late 1800's fabrics in the weave, old shirts and pajamas. Rag rugs were woven in the home for home use out of mainly cotton scraps that were ripped in long segments, sewn together and folded in half before weaving. Length of rugs is anywhere from 2' to 30'. The 30 footer though was a wild exception.
Expect maximum length to be about 16' which fits most living rooms. A few of the rugs are 25' or so which is great for stairway runners.Most are about 29" wide, the size of the home loom. Strips were laid out in the living area. Check out Carl Larsen prints for examples. Often, strips were sewn together to form one large rug. A few of the rugs which are younger (1940-50) are wider and more under the coffee table size. Little pieces for in front of the sink are survivors from long room sections.

Color and pattern are extraordinary in these rugs. You would think the Navajo's lived next door in many of the rug patterns. Also, traditional Yankee soft stripes. Lovely Scandinavian designs. Amazing workwomanship! Each rug a unique work of art.

Please do keep in mind that you are looking at vintage textiles. These rugs have been used and enjoyed and although they are in very good condition you may expect small quirks and defects. Since you can not handle these rugs but must purchase by photo, we try very hard to put up the best of our selection.

Rag rugs were made to last and these wear like iron. We recommend that you wash in your robust washing machine on a knit cycle in cold water with liquid detergent, then stretch out on the ground to dry.

We wash all internet rugs before photographing. Washing instructions are included in your package. It is easy to do.