We do all of our own restorations. We will discuss every step with you.



Tables from 1880 and earlier often need boots. Sometimes because the casters that were often found on these heavy tables are

damaged or missing or because over time the bottom of the leg has been damaged due to damp floors or puppy chewing.

My husband will then put on a boot to achieve the desired height.


Here is a beautiful leg with a boot added and restored with mahogany wax.


An example of a tiny boot, applied in time past.
An example of a boot applied perhaps 50 years ago. This table leg is unrestored as yet by the way. We actually did not even see the boots until we lifted the table up onto another table for storage.



You can see that boots are not that visible. We often find them on old tables or need to apply them.

We put 1 3/4" boots on this little table at a customer's request so that it would make a comfortable small desk next to a bed.

Bread Board Ends
Borge can add width or length to most plank table tops.

Making a table wider....

We also shortened this table to 30" in height

This table needed a bigger top for comfort.

Borge added breadboard ends and enlarged the width as well.


Borge in his workshop, polishing a plank table to which he has just added bread board ends and since this family has young children, polyurethane on the top.
Adding aprons and locks to table leaves and making new leaves
If the original leaves are missing and they often are, then Borge will make leaves for your table out of old wood.

new leaves for this table

The original leaves for this table did not have aprons. The original owners would have used a table cloth when the table was extended.

For contemporary use, we have added aprons to the leaves so that the table can be used fully extended without a tablecloth.

Here is an example of adding an apron to a table with a fluted apron....


Here is an example of a table leave with added aprons...

We also put on table locks...

All the table leaves are marked with notches...

two leaves with aprons added

Banquet Table Conversion
Scrolled Sides

scrolled sides and ends for comfort

scrolled on one long side to use as a desk

from this
to this
from this
to this
Conversion to Console Tables or Hunt Boards

My husband took this table and on a custom order cut the depth from 27" to 22"

which resulted in this custom desk or console table...

We can convert a writing table ( on our Desks Page) or a larger table to a console table for you.

This one could be converted...both are found in more detail on the Kitchen Table page.

$1450 Item # Kitchen Table tk1201-1

This one could be converted...both are found in more detail on the Kitchen Table page.

$1450 Item # Kitchen Table tk1201-1