We do all of our own restorations. We will discuss every step with you.
These finishes available ONLY to our customers.

Waxed finishes are included in the price of any piece - for all other finishes, please ask us for a quote.

Mediums | Techniques



These are the products that can be applied to produce a color and finish.


Milk Paint is a pigment mixture, natural and non toxic. Because it is protein based (milk!) it takes several months to totally harden. Milkpaint gives a totally flat finish which gets more beautiful with time, available only in a wash.


For a soft gloss finish, easy to maintain, available in several colors.
Linseed oil coated with wax gives a great depth of color.

Latex and Alkyd (linseed oil based paint)

Latex and Oil Paints - can be flat or glossy, antiqued or distressed
There are some nice modern products available today for a soft gloss finish, which is easy care.
Brown soap is the classic Scandinavian finish, lovely to use.
We can do any color of the Minwax stains.

Finish Techniques:

These are the artistic additions.
We will softly age the paint so that it appears to always have been the finish on your piece.
A paint wash, also known as pickling is done with a thin layer of paint, so that the beautiful grain still shows through. Milk Paint always gives a washed appearance, but this can be done with latex and oil paint as well.
True gilding is using leaves of gold rubbed over finials and other decorative objects, but we use a more subtle painted gilding technique, that is softer and more aged.
A classic Scandinavian technique using lye soap to bleach and whiten the beautiful tight grained pine. Generally a bleached piece is then finished with oil soap.
Dry Brush
When do this, we mean that we pull a very thin layer of paint over a piece, definitely not a wash, but an opaque paint of the thinnest quality possible - this creates a look of age.