Dear Customer
Everything we do here is custom for you. We are all highly service oriented and want you to be pleased and buy from us again and again and to tell your friends good things about us. Our business exists because of you and word of mouth advertising. However...custom work and delivery takes time and some patience. I am going to try and explain the process here. Please call or email if I have left your question unanswered and I will answer you promptly.
Janet and Børge, Shop Proprietors
802 394 - 7753 Email us!

Step One. Place your order. We will keep in touch!

  • Your invoice will be emailed promptly.
  • Your Special Page address with photos and design notes will be set up and the link sent to you.
  • We will make up any color samples and get them in the mail.
  • The truckers will be contacted for a quote.
  • A deposit of 50% will be expected unless we make layaway arrangements with you.
  • The balance and trucking is due when we bring your piece into the workshop.
Payment...We accept:
  • Personal check.
  • Visa/ Mastercard
  • Money Order/Cashier's Check

Other payment policies:

50% of the order total on placing the order. Balance plus trucking is due when we bring your order
into the workshop. Generally we get your order ready then try and ship the following week or soonest possible.

If you cancel your order, then we keep your deposit. You get a credit for your deposit, but we do not hold the piece or pieces. They go back into inventory.

We often arrange special layaway plans. Again, if you cancel after making some payments, we keep your money. We do not charge interest, but we appreciate your paying on a regular basis. If we do not hear from you, then we will put the piece back into inventory -- and yes ...keep your money.

Step Two. Workshop time.

Then we schedule workshop time for your restoration. We use the FIFO method! First in, first out! Whoever orders first, gets service first!

Piece described as 'fully restored'.... is ready to pick up, but we usually send it through the work shop one more time to check everything for you.

Piece described as 'unrestored'.... needs to go into the workshop and be fully restored and have the finish of your choice applied. This might also mean shelving or table boots or some kind of custom reconfiguration. Please allow us 2-8 weeks. We will of course get started asap.

You order today but do not need your pieces for 6 months or more... No problem. We will store them free of charge for up to six months while you are moving or building. However, we will not take your pieces into our workshop for restoration until just prior to your delivery. Your pieces will be stored in the condition you have purchased them dry and blanket wrapped, but they will not be accessible. Please make sure you get all of your measurements etc before we pack everything away.

Step Three. Custom requests-how long will this take?

Special hardware... such as turntables, pocket door hardware, special knobs and other such items, will be promptly ordered.

Shelving and clothing rods... in stock at all times. The addition of these items will not delay your order.

For painted finishes... we first need to send you samples so you can decide exactly what you would like, then as soon as the piece is restored and ready...I will get painting! I will paint and take photos for you as I go along in the process, so you will know how your piece looks and we can make decisions about what to do next.

Bed size conversions... We do not do our own conversions of beds but have them done by a fine cabinetmaker. Just like us, he has a workshop schedule and can be 2 weeks to 2 months behind. When you order we will call him immediately and get space in his schedule. We will drive your pieces both ways, no extra charge.

Step Four. Trucking and Delivery

Local and Long Distance Delivery by us

We will make the delivery...generally within an hour's drive of the shop. Each furniture listing describes if a local delivery is included or not. Sometimes, well quite often, we get a long delivery route down the east coast with many stops and we are happy to do this if we can.

If you are buying small pieces which could fit in a car and still want delivery, we will have to set a price.

We will call you about a week ahead to arrange a delivery day and time. Please do email us directions to your house from a major road. Usually, there will be a number of deliveries on the route (think time and economics!) and we will try to make everyone happy with regards to date and time best possible. We will bring your piece in and set it up.

If it is going upstairs please let us know so we can send along an extra man with my husband or please arrange for help.
Do you live on the 3rd floor plus? No freight elevator?...
Sorry, but we can not carry furniture up more than one flight, so if your 7th floor walkup has no elevator you will need to get some help.

Fed Ex and UPS

Usually about 5 business days.
Fed Ex can take a small piece for a very reasonable amount of money. It is possible to insure the pieces as used furniture and they do a great timely job. Everything that we ship to you via FEDEX is in a wooden crate assembled with screws. You will have to unpack and dispose of the crate.

Private Truckers

I will need to get a Trucking Quote for you:

1. Please email or call us with your full shipping address.

2. I will get you a quote which will include full value insurance with zero dollar deductible and it will include the cost of shipping.

3. Delivery takes about from 2 weeks to 1 month from the time your pieces leave our shop.

We use private truckers, so called 'white glove' truckers, accusomed to handling fine antiques. They have regular routes nationwide,usually once every two weeks to each area of the country.

When we are sure that your order will be ready by a certain date, I will call and schedule a pickup at our shop. Again, depending on their previous pickup orders this can take a week to 2 weeks; it can also be weather dependent in our area of Vermont.

They send out two men to our shop who carefully blanket wrap and tag each piece and each part of a piece of furniture. This process takes at least 15 minutes per piece of furniture. Your order is brought back to their warehouse where it is stored then loaded onto the truck to go to your area for your in house residential delivery.

How long does it take for a private Trucker to deliver? It depends on how how fast they can fill the truck for that particular route.

The drivers will call while on the road and the local office will also get in touch to make an appointment for delivery. Please be flexible. Your piece will be brought into your house , unwrapped and basically set up. And then they need to be on their way.

Private truckers have insurance that we always buy to cover the value of the pieces with a zero dollar deductible. You MUST inspect your pieces for trucking damage before signing off on the papers the truck driver will hand to you.

Some photos of the process.....

'Your' Purchase.

Careful Paperwork.

Carried out to the truck.

Blanket wrapped.

All ready to go!

Moving Companies

Take a very long time for delivery. We have tried them and had very bad luck with them overall.

Your Own Arrangements

You are welcome to make your own arrangements of course with your local trucker or moving company. We can of course drop off to your storage facility/moving company within our delivery district.

Ferries...We can arrange a drop-off to a warehouse near a ferry dock. This often happens with Island deliveries off the Massachusetts coast.

U HAUL or Ryder truck rentals... More than once we have had people come by who are visiting in the area and unplanned, they buy a lot! We will do what we can to get things ready and we will help you pack your rental vehicle and on your way. If they have flown in, they will rent a truck and drive home again. Rental trucks are available in Rutland and Bennington, Vermont.

Motor Freight or Common Carrier...5 business days. However you may be unloading splinters.
Motor freight is for example Land, Sea and Air or Yellow Freight. You see their trucks all the time. Goods must be very solid, unbreakable, crated and packed on a pallet and most inportantly replaceable. Motor freight is cheap, but it is difficult to insure your antique irreplaceable pieces. They will pull up in front of your house at the end of the driveway and expect you to off load from the truck. We don't use motor freight.