1. The finish is a soft gloss appropriate to antiques.

2. It can easily be waxed over with another color and made lighter or darker if your tastes or decor changes.

3. Wax is easy care and does not normally need to be reapplied for up to 7 years.

Of course on a dining table, you will need to rewax more often but it does acquire a beautiful surface from rubbing over time..

4. Wax allows age marks and patina to exist and shine through.

5. Wax can be removed in the future, if the piece needs to be painted or another type of finish applied.

Clear | Light Brown | Golden Oak | Tudor | Cherry/Antique Mahogany| Tudor Brown over Antique Mahogany

Wax colors shown on a scrap of old wood. Colors will differ slightly on each furniture piece.

Clear wax

puts a soft finish on the bleached wood color. The piece will look complete but ethereal.

Here is a sample board with clear wax on top of a table which has not been finished as yet...

clear wax


clear waxed base with a satin acrylic top...


and just clear wax over beautiful wood:


Light Brown Wax

If you want a warm neutral shade without red or yellow overtones.

Same wax, variation depending on wood color.

The top trunk is waxed light brown, the bottom trunk has no finish:

light brown wax on a Swedish clock

Tudor Brown

Tudor Brown gives a very neutral medium brown.


tudor brown antique Danish beds

Here is a mix of Tudor and Light Brown:



Tudor Brown over Antique Mahogany Wax

The little wood sample shows an antique mahogany wax sample...it is much lighter....

Here is Tudor Brown over Antique Mahogany Wax and vice versa:

Cherry (waxed with antique mahogany wax)

Antique Mahogany Briwax gives a light warm cherry color on antique pine.

The oval table is waxed to a cherry tone. The armoire photos below show a cherry colored armoire to the right with an armoire waxed light brown to the left and behind. The reddish tone is evident by comparison.

First we gave this apothecary a light coat of cherry stain, then we waxed it with antique mahogany (the light is bad - the finish came out very even):


The top is polyurethaned for use as a bathroom vanity.






And over oil....

Golden Oak wax gives a yellow overcast to the furniture which looks great with newly refinished oak floors.

In this photo you can see unwaxed wood and waxed wood...

On the left is the Golden Oak, on the scalloped board to the right is Light Brown. The Golden Oak is lighter and brighter. The Light Brown is a neutral light brown.






and more in Golden Oak...