A wash finish, sometimes called pickling, is a thinned application of a latex or oil paint onto the wood. The wood grain remains visible through the finish. If applied over a solid paint, then there is a cloudy appearance to the finish. Exciting finishes can be created by painting with a dark base coat and using a thin wash in a lighter color.

Washing/Pickling: Can be done in a strong wash that is nearly a paint or a thin wash.


Cabinet in solid paint, desk in a strong wash:


Strong wash examples:

Thin wash examples:

Before and after a thin wash is applied:


to this

Cloudy Wash: First a base color is applied in a painted finish, then a thin was of a different color is washed on over. Only available in latex.

Here is a clock that has a base coat of Gray #6 which has been washed with White #7.

We can take this finish, distress and age the paint like this sample shown below...