We can use any Minwax stain color.

Staining...We often get a request to stain a piece of furniture. Staining is very difficult to get even on antique pine and very time consuming. It is possible to get good, even great results, but if wax will work, it is easier to get an even finish. Here are some examples of staining on our antiques...

Cherry Stain with an Antique Mahogany Wax Finish


Golden Oak

Here are two tables that we first stained with golden oak, then oiled then waxed light brown:

antique Swedish round side table and the round table in this photo: antique Swedish table

Red Mahogany Stain with an Antique Mahogany Wax Finish


This is a custom brownish black glaze shown on new wood. It will be deeper on old wood and smoother. The upper sample has been waxed with light brown wax.


On the left is Dark Walnut, on the right is Special Walnut.

Both samples have been waxed with Light Brown Wax to give an even gloss.

Here is a plank table done in Dark Walnut that we did for a local customer last year. Pretty nice huh? It was VERY difficult to get the color even but we are still married.

Miscellaneous Stains

This Mora clock was stained with Dark Walnut and will be waxed. Gorgeous!

Dark Walnut plus wax

Dark Walnut. Base is waxed. Top is polyurethaned and waxed.

Jacobean with Satin Polyurethane

color sample to match this tableantique Swedish side table Golden oak stain/oil/light brown wax

Ipswich Pine
ipswich pine with clear wax and clear wax