Borge in his workshop, polishing a plank table to which he has just added bread board ends and since this family has young children, polyurethane on the top.

Polyurethane | Whey Based |Staining plus Polyurethane

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Polyurethane...Available in Satin.

When we first started in business, we were reluctant to use this product. It does wear off and then must be sanded and redone. However, we do understand that it is necessary for vanities and some people do need this for their kitchen tables, so we are happy to do it for you. There are some very good acrylic products available today too.

Generally, we will only polyurethane the top of the piece and prefer to wax the rest.

Table top is polyurethaned, base is waxed light brown. Polyurethane and Light Brown wax are similar in colorl.

The base and top of a stepback finished in a satin polyurethane.

in its new home...


on a bathroom vanity...base is waxed light brown...


Vermont Naturals: Whey Based Product. This excellent product allows condensation to escape, thus leaving no white water rings trapped under the surface. Available in satin for furniture and we can get a floor grade for counter tops.

The base is waxed clear. The top is sealed with Vermont Natural.

And an armoire and cupboard to be used in a kitchen as a pantry....

and on an early plank table

and an armoire and sideboard...

and on another plank table


This table was waxed clear on the base with Vermont Natural applied to the top....

The top is polyurethaned and the base of this sideboard is waxed light brown:

The table top was polyurethaned, then the entire table, including the top was waxed light brown:

Table and hutch done in satin finish:

whey based finish on antique pieces whey based finish on antique pieces

Cherry and Mahogany Stains with Polyurethane

Same board taken in different light.

Top section is polyurethane satin type

From Left to Right....middle section is

mahogany over cherry/mahogany/mahogany/mahogany over cherry/light brown wax/untouched

Bottom section is on the left a mix of mahogany and cherry stain with polyurethane and on the right cherry stain with polyurethane


If your base is waxed with mahogany wax or a combination of light brown and mahogany AND you need to have the top polyurethaned there are several options.

1. plain satin polyurethane which will give your piece a two toned look

2. cherry stain one coat plus polyurethane

3. 2 coats of cherry stain plus polyurethane

4. cherry and mahogany stains plus polyurethane.

Light mahogany stain then polyurethane:

Dark Walnut stain, 2 coats, with polyurethaned top and light brown wax over the entire table. The wax adds a soft dimension.

Dark Walnut stain, top is polyurethaned, entire table is then waxed.

Jacobean stain, polyurethaned:

From this to