Milk Paint is a pigment mixture, natural and non toxic. Because it is protein based (milk!) it takes several months to totally harden. Milkpaint gives a totally flat finish which gets more beautiful with time, available only in a wash - the grain of the furniture will be visible.

Gustavian Gray in milkpaint
From L-R
100% Gustavian Gray


50/50 click on any photo to enlarge

Gustavian Gray milkpaint Mora clock

and lightly distressed:


50/50 with java glaze:

50/50 with clear wax:

clear wax over milk paint

and in 75/25 paint...

75/25 medium wash, lightly distressed....

75/25 with marigold/white interior:

This is 75/25 Gustavian Gray with detail picked out in Cream...

and in its home...antique Danish Bornholmer

We can also antique over any color, here is an example....
Small Sample on the left has clear wax
Small Sample on the right has light brown wax

and on the clock itself with brown wax....

and in 100% Gustavian Gray


Swedish Mora Clock


Gustavian Grey milk paint

Driftwood Gray
Top photo shows driftwood/gustavian/soldier blue
The driftwood color is a brownish gray with no blue overtones.

Marigold Yellow

L-R Buttermilk/Pumpkin/Snow White/Marigold


Marigold Yellow (desk and cubby hole shelf) (2/5 marigold with 2/5 white)

50/50 Marigold interior:

Marigold Yellow/Snow White wash 100% and 25/75

L-R 50/50 Marigold, 25/75 Marigold, 100% Buttermilk

L-R 50/50 Marigold, 100% Buttermilk, 50/50 Federal Blue

T-B 50/50 Marigold, 25/75 Marigold, 100% Buttermilk

L-R 25/75 then 50/50 then 100% Marigold
25/75 on a clock, distressed finish



L-R Buttermilk/Pumpkin/Snow White/Marigold

L-R 25% 50% 100%

L - R 100% 50% 25%

and 100% pumpkin




The gilding is #Gold D.

Snow White


and the table top

Federal Blue

two coats of 100%

this is 50/50: click on a photo to enlarge
antique Swedish clock

and 90/10 Federal Blue:

Federal Blue Milkpaint

25/75 with clear wax finish:

25% federal blue with clear wax


Soldier Blue

50/50 mix

50/50 Soldier Blue:

50/50 Soldier Blue with Cream accents, waxed clear:

and one more clock in 50/50 with cream, unwaxed...antique Swedish Mora clock click on the photos to enlarge

100% Soldier Blue

soldier blue milkpaint on an antique Mora clock

Soldier blue, barn red, antiqued

soldier blue and barn red, antiqued


Lexington Green

mixed with 50% black
75% green/25% black, washed and polished
This color changes dramatically with the light.

100%...then waxed over with light brown wax:

antique Swedish farm table click on any photo to enlarge

Here is a Swedish cupboard in 50/50 Lexington Green:

antique Swedish cupboard antique Swedish cupboard

Bayberry Green

this is one coat of 100%
Bayberry Green on a sideboard converted to a bathroom vanity. Multiple coats.

Tavern Green

shown 100% above

Here is a cupboard which is washed with a Whitened Tavern Green Buttermilk. (75/25)
and with two coats
2 coats
This desk is washed in snow white and the interior in whitened tavern green.

Salem Red

Salem Red mixed with White. Custom mixed buttermilk paint in a soft rose on an apothecary converted to a bathroom vanity.
Barn Red This is the traditional blue toned red seen on old barns.
soldier blue and barn red, antiqued Painted in Solidier Blue and Barn Red, then antiqued with glazing.
Madam Blue
Madam Blue...lovely match to the classic Danish enamelware color.


L-R Buttermilk/Pumpkin/Snow White/Marigold

Here is a plate rack and cupboard done in Buttermilk color and a headboard...


and a platerack in 100% buttermilk: buttermilk buttermilk