Linseed Oil over: Cherry/Antique Mahogany Wax | Light Brown Wax

This sample shows the same single piece of siderail Danish c.1880. The lightest spot is unrestored wood. The deepest color is linseed oil/light brown wax finish and the middle light brown is light brown wax.

I have placed this piece of wood against deeper backdrops to give you an idea of the difference between a light brown wax and a piece that would be oiled then waxed. The oiled piece will continue to darken somewhat more over time, the waxed section will remain pretty much the same.

Oiled then waxed with mahogany wax to give a deep cherry color.


Oiled and waxed light brown.

antique Danish platerack click on any photo to enlarge

These two sideboards have been oiled then waxed. A rich patina!