So many shades of blue! On the sample board to the left...

top row l-r 100% Soldier Blue Milk Paint|50/50 Soldier Blue Milk Paint|Blue 31 oil| Blue 30 oil

bottom row l-r Blue 11 latex pearl|Yarmouth Blue latex eggshell


Blue 1 | Blue 2 | Blue 3 | Blue 4 | Blue 10 | Blue 23 | Blue 25

Teal 23 | Teal 24 | Teal 30

Click on any photo to see an enlargement.Click on any photo to see an enlargement.

Blue 1: Available in oil or latex. A beachy blue.

painted and antiques with glaze


Shown antiqued on the right hand side of the sample.

Blue 2: Available in oil or latex. An old fashioned blue jean blue.

Shown in oil paint:


Blue 3: Available in oil or latex. An antique looking blue.

Blue 4: Available only in latex. This is the color of Danish enamelware in blue, called by the Danes ...Madam Blue.


and antiqued


Blue 10: Available in flat latex.

and with a clear coat of wax:

Blue 23: Available in flat latex.

blue paint sample and with light distressing Blue 23click on the photo to enlarge blue

Blue 25: Available in oil or latex.

Another example of a Madam Blue paint:

Blue 25 Shown with two pieces of antique enamelware from Denmark and Sweden