Borge says...We sell only original Mora Clocks. When you are looking for Mora clocks on the internet make sure that the clock you are interested in has the original works and pendulum together with its original case. Too often, the works have been changed out with a battery driven movement and your clock no longer is a valuable antique but merely a decorative object. Mora Clocks are only Mora Clocks if they are all original including the works like Rolex watches are no longer Rolex watches if they have Chinese works!

Hint for a repro clock - interior and back are painted!


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Swedish Clocks - Ready for your choice of finish

Swedish Mora Clock

Swedish Tall Case Clock #CS316 92" Tall.
chime video available

antique Swedish Mora clock
on hold
Antique Swedish Mora Clock
#SC109 on hold
Danish Clocks Ready for your choice of finish
Danish Clock
Danish Clock #CKLD102

An angel moves back
and forth on the clock face.

Danish ClockDanish Tall Case Clock #CB203

Dial hands are shaped like hearts.

chime video available

Swedish Wall Clocks