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Borge setting up a clockThe most important aspect of setting up an old clock is patience and a small level. The Swedish and Danish clocks are very simple. They depend on perfect balance and alignment in order to function well. So please be patient while you enjoy learning to set your new old clock up in your home.

Børge sets up a clock in about 3 minutes! So please read these instructions and it will take you just a few (more) minutes do to do it correctly.

If you have a clock with 24 hour works please click here for special instructions on setting the time.

Click here to see the video set-up instructions for a clock without the usual tall door panel. antique Swedish clock


Step by Step Instructions

If you have a 24 hour works, please click here for special instructions.

Care and Cleaning of the Clock Face

Do NOT clean the face of the clock....dust the face of the clock with a feather duster or better yet do not dust it at all. These clock faces were painted with alkyd type paint but the numerals and decorations were done in INDIA INK. So do NOT wash the face or spritz it with windex, however tempting or the clock numerals will instantly dissolve. Just close your glass cover and admire from the other side!