Exacta clock set up

Set the time by moving the hands clockwise. Do NOT ever move the hands counterclockswise or you will damage your clock.

Make sure the clock is hanging level to the wall back to front and from side to side (use a small level).

Click on each photo to see an enlargement.

Two videos are also available.

Hanging the Pendulum

Winding the Clock


Special instructions for some works....

antique exacta clock antique exacta clockIn order to put on the pendulum you must first remove the bell

antique exacta clock Hang the pendulum

antique exacta clock Last of all, bolt the bell back in place. The bolt fits only one way on the bell. It is cone shaped on one side and flat on the top. The cone shaped side goes towards the bell, i.e. you can see the flat part as you screw it on. We will send the bell attached with this screw.

Winding direction. Your key is packed in its own little package.

Set the time by moving the hands clockwise. Do NOT ever move the hands counterclockswise or you will damage your clock.

antique exacta clock antique exacta clock

The crown has been packed separately. The screws are in the crown, remove them and screw the crown to the clock body.


First open the back by sliding the right hand hole up and then over the little peg.antique exacta clockantique exacta clock


Take the pendulum and find the front side. It is shinier than the back side.

antique exacta clock

The pendulum is wrapped separately. antique exacta clock This unshiny side will face the wall.


Slide the base of the pendulum down into this hole. DO NOT DROP IT or it will hit glass. Keep ahold of it.



Then bring it up until the narrow part of the pendulum can fit between the fork seen in the middle of the photo. The pendulum will still be held in your hand.


Let the pendulum go back down until the wide part is cradled by the fork and attach the head of the pendulum to its hook.

See the little hook on the upper right?

Bring the head of the pendulum seen midways in this photo up and hook it on.

This is how it will look. Give it a push and it should swing!

Your clock must hang vertically balanced on the wall in order to work properly. If necessary you must put a little piece of cork at the bottom or top. Use a level. Here Borge has put a sanding sponge against the top part. It will all depend on the nail length you use. There are some new hangers available in the hardware store that I can recommend with a little brass hook and three small nails already attached. You just hammer the whole thing into sheetrock and it is strong and stable.