How We Measure

This gives you an idea of how thick of a mattress can be used on a particular headboard.

This measurement gives you the possible width of the mattress.

An example of the thought process:

We custom resize each bed to standard contemporary sizes, but modern mattress manufacture is still not making mattresses to exacting standards. Please let us know your mattress measurements if we are converting a bed for you.

We nearly always remake siderails for your bed because they need to be lengthened for modern mattress sizes.

The bed shown above upon which perches our cat Sweetie has these dimensions....

The bottom of the siderail is 10 1/2" from the floor.

Siderail is 9 1/2" tall and from the ledge on the inside is 7 3/4".

Siderail is 77" long.

The mattress is 8" thick and is resting on a box spring on a metal frame. If you wanted to rest your mattress on the ledges on slats then an 8" mattress like this one would be exposed by an inch. Perfect!

Interior width of this bed is 39".

The top of the mattress is 25" from the floor. If you placed this mattress on slats, without the box spring and metal frame, then it would rest an inch or so lower.


Mattress or mattress/box spring combo?

We need to know the thickness of the mattress and box spring you are going to buy. I will try and explain!



Option One...mattress only resting on siderail ledges:

Here my husband is holding the tape measure and stick to represent the mattress thickness. This photo shows how it would look with a standard 8" thick mattress - a lot of the headboard is exposed.

Option Two...Mattress plus box spring or mattress combo (mattress and box spring in one piece)

Both pieces would give a total of about 16" or more. We would measure and let you know how much of the headboards would be exposed.

Option Three...A metal bed frame instead of using the siderail ledges and slats for mattress support. Please let us know the height of your frame, so we can place the siderails correctly.

Option Four...the overstuffed puffy mattresses! Please let us know if you buy one of these because generally they are much thicker and also shorter, sometimes narrower too. We will have to size the bed properly for these mattresses.