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$1550 Danish #MBD209

Length 21 1/4"

Width 5"

Height 4 1/4"

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Danish mangleboard from the early 1800's with the intitials M H D, D standing for daughter.

Crudely carved and at the same time delicately designed, this is a fabulous board, full of character. The horse handle is firmly pegged to the handle - the pegs can be seen protruding slightly, which is an indication of great age. Wood shrinks in thickness, but not in length, so the pegs will stick out some with time.

The colors are gorgeous - a strong teal with lovely orange. The decoration is an exceptional tree of life and a pinewheel - lots of energy.

The sides are smoothly beveled into a round shape triangular chip carving. The initials are framed by charming tiny chip carving.

My favorite part, that draws me in again and again, is the scalloping on the board end. Carved in a heart shape with tiny triangular chip carving.

The handle is firmly attached to the board, which is strong and sturdy. Smaller, lighter and more feminine than many boards.


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