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$4200 Swedish Mora Clock #CSP332

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antique Swedish Mora Clock

Height 85"

Width at base 22 1/2"

Depth 9"

We are all quite sure that this was a wedding gift. The shape of the body resembles a wedding gown. The body is from c.1910, Swedish Mora clock. The works are gorgeous...metal and brass and very much older than the clock.

antique Swedish Mora Clock antique Swedish Mora Clock antique Swedish Mora Clock


The base is slightly flared and the heavy moldings around the bonnet are very unique and resemble the frilly ruff around the neck of a gown. There is hand carved beading in excellent condition around the face of the bonnet and around the glass in the body panel.

The original colors of this clock were a bright red and an equally bright blue. We removed this paint hoping to find something more attractive, but those really were the original finishes. This beautiful, graceful clock has now been repainted in an off-white and the beading decoration given a subtle gilding. The wood was quite grainy in places, so we did a strong paint wash and distressed the clock a bit, adding to the character. +

The pendulum can be seen swinging in the glass panel. I couldn't get a good photo of the feet, but they are original, tiny and very charming. It is quite rare to find glass on the sides of a Mora bonnet, these are quite unique.

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The bonnet did not have a crown, but after we restored the clock, we felt that something was missing and added...a tiara top. It can be removed if you prefer at any time.

The works are cleaned and running well. You can here them by clicking here.

Fully restored and awaiting a new home.

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