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$4800 Swedish Clock #SC120

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antique Swedish clock antique Swedish clock antique Swedish clock antique Swedish clock antique Swedish clock

Height 79 1/2"

Width at base 21 1/4"

Depth 8 1/4"

This distinctively shaped and very distinguished Swedish clock is from c. 1846, according to the carved date on the inside of the door panel.

On the back side of the interior door panel are the intials HPL and Läby. Usually, initials end with D for daughter or S for son, so the L is a mystery. Läby would be the town, in the Uppsala county of Sweden. This could be the maker of the clock body.

The original color was white.

The faceplate hinges are hand wrought and so is the very nice latch mechanism. The door panel is closed with the original brass knob which has a swinging piece inside which is rotated back and forth as a door latch.

The clockworks, have been cleaned and are running very well. The pendulum can be seen swinging back and forth in the moon on body. This clock chimes on the hour and the half hour. The chime is high and sweet. The tick tock is soft and soothing.

The intricately decorated faceplate has Hans NilsSon along with the town name Sand and the date of 1849. This would likely be the maker of the works.

Beautiful scalloped edged base, dovetailed and pegged construction.

Fully restored and awaiting your choice of finish.

Click here for a video of the chime and tick-tock.

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