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$3800 Danish Baroque Bornholmer #CB401

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antique Danish Baroque Clock antique Danish Baroque Clock antique Danish Baroque Clock antique Danish Baroque Clock Bornholmer antique Danish


Timing can be adjusted with this pendulum. You move the little screw:

antique Danish clock

To hang this pendulum, put it through the fork and hook over the curved stuff.

antique Danish clock antique Danish clock

antique Danish clock antique Danish clock Bornholmer antique Danish


Height 76 1/4"

Width 17 3/4"

Depth 18 1/2"

video availableClick here for tick-tock and chime

Amazing, high quality, Danish Bornholmer clock of the baroque period. Signed C A Fabricius, who was a well known clock maker, who lived from 1764-1805. His full name was Claus Christian Albertsen Fabricius from Aeroskobing.

The clock is also signed with two sets of names, my guess would be that this fabulous clock was a wedding present to Jens Christiansen and Maren Christiansen in 1870. The town name or perhaps the name of their house is Haven, which means garden.

Bornholmer antique Danish Bornholmer antique Danish Bornholmer antique Danish.

The swan moves back and forth on the second hand. The day of the month indicator is stuck at 29. We are trying to get it to work again, but it may not be possible. Lovely combination on the face of Roman and Arabic numerals.

The swag on the base is very handsome. Hearts are carved on the side and front of the base, something I have never seen before on a clock, but so romantic. Look at the hand made dovetails. The entire body is pegged and dovetailed together.

Bornholmer antique Danish

When you look at the video, admire the hands, which have stylized hearts. The chime is brilliant and exuberant, typical of the baroque clocks. The works are solid brass.

video available tick tock and chime

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