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Step One.

You will need:

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Block or wood or a towel
  • These Instructions
  • A Helper

Look for the markings etched in near the bracket hardware on the headboard used for the siderail.


You can see the bracket hardware receptacle on the headboard ....


and here is the bracket on the siderail....


Examples of markings....


antique Danish bed antique Danish bed

antique Danish bed antique Danish bed

antique Danish bed antique Danish bed

Your helper holds the headboard upright or you lean it against the wall.



Place your side rails with the ledgers facing each other and with markings matching the headboard markings.


Step Two.

Place the siderail hardware into its receptacle on the headboard. Your helper can tilt the headboard down to help you.

Hammer in with the rubber hammer BUT YOU MUST USE THE WOOD SCRAP or a towel or the rubber hammer will leave black marks!!!! Hammer carefully but fimly until the siderail is down into the bracket. If the bed is painted, use a towel or a wood scrap or the mallet will leave marks.

You will finish the hammering when both siderails are installed, just get it in fairly well right now.


Step Four.

Repeat for the second siderail into the second receptacle on the headboard. At this point the headboard is inclined forward and both siderail ends are resting on the floor.


Step Five.

Place the siderails into the footboard end.


Step Six. Tighten the Siderails.

Put your hand underneath the bottom of the siderail near each end and you will feel when the siderail support ledge for the slats is even with the headboard and footboards supports.


Step Seven.

Place your slats evenly. Completely assembled!